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High School Musical 2 (Disney Channel Original Movies)
(Summer 2007) 
High School Musical 2 (proposed title may change) is the sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical, filming is said to start in winter 2006 and has been previously stated to release in summer 2007. Bill Borden, producer of High School Musical, said the film was originally planned as a three-part telefilm (as its predecessors Zenon and Halloweentown were). All the stars from High School Musical have been confirmed to return for the sequel, as well as the director and choreographer, Kenny Ortega. This movie is going into production immediately after Zac Efron finishes "Hairspray".

CORY IN THE HOUSE (Disney Channel Original Series)

Cory In the House is the first spinoff from the hit Disney Channel Original Series That's So Raven. This show will be about Cory and Victor now adjusting to life in Washington D.C. after dad Victor is chosen as a personal chef to the newly elected president, Richard Martinez. This storyline is rumored to take place during the time Raven is away in college
Genre Sitcom
Running time 23 minutes
Creator(s) Marc Warren
Dennis Rinsler
Starring Kyle Massey
Rondell Sheridan
Jake Thomas
Country of origin USA
Original network/channel Disney Channel
Original run November 2006

Back to Halloweentown. (Disney Channel Original Movie)
(October 2006)
Halloweentown: Witch U. is the fourth installment in the Disney Channel network's popular Halloweentown movie franchise. This movie will take place at Witch University; also known as Witch U. And will mainly be based on Marnie Piper's (Sara Paxton) and Dylan's (Joey Zimmerman) attendance at Witch University. It's a Disney Channel Original Movie otherwise known as a DCOM. This movie will be directed by David Jackson and is not a musical. Sophie will not be a part of this movie and Debbie Renolds will only be making a cameo apperance. Halloweentown 5 will be the follow up and it will be called Halloweentown: She's the Witch. It will appeard on Disney Channel October 2008. The series may continue until the seventh film.

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